Amy Esposito, PT Client

Alex is a real motivator especially at times when I haven’t wanted to motivate myself ! He is always encouraging in his approach and I always come away from his sessions feeling like I have accomplished something for myself ! I really enjoy the balance of Alex sessions and he keeps them fresh with new routines and exercises to do ! Overall he is a real gem and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit , improve their fitness , achieve new goals and have fun :)

Grant Maidment, PT Client

Alex does a fantastic job of motivating his clients! 
I have been using his personal training for the last couple of years and he is always very encouraging and always pushes me to reach my goals.
The thing with fitness is that once your body is used to a certain level, it needs to be pushed to the next. You get this with flame fitness!
I really look forward to our sessions, as we always have a laugh, which makes the hard work more enjoyable.
He is very friendly and approachable, as well as giving advice on diet and how to achieve the results you want! 

I highly recommend Alex and Flame Fitness!

Ashleigh Skuse, PT Client

Just finished a block session with Alex and I've never worked so hard in all my life but it was well worth it. 
Very encouraging and has helped me work harder in my sessions I do at home! 
Definitely feel fitter and I can now do 10 press ups instead of 2 this is a massive achievement for me as my upper body strength is shocking! 
Thanks Alex I will be recommending you and looking forward to carrying on training!

Jasper Uphill, PT Client

Been going to Alex once a week for one 2 one sessions to keep me focused and on track to be as fit as I can for my race season. Every session I crawl out of the gym and I have had huge benefits from
His work. He has sorted me with a great diet plan and my fitness had improved incredibly I would recommend Alex to anyone at any level of fitness that wants to get in the gym and get fit! He's the man to see so thanks mate, see you Wednesday!

Emma Godby, PT Client

If you're looking for that extra little push to get to your goals, Alex is your guy! Fun and friendly but will always get the very best out of you! Couldn't recommend flame fitness enough!

Rupert Oliver, PT Client

Known Alex for a few years now and have seen how good he is at understanding clients and their needs, allowing him to create successful programmes which positively influence their desire to embody a healthier lifestyle and get the results they want. Dynamic and driven; this guy will positively influence your training regime. Get in touch!

Daniel Hays, PT Client

If you want someone with all the knowledge and non of the jargon, someone that you can actually trust to help you get the results you want then give Alex a call. Down to earth, common sense, realistic and effective training!

James Devlin, PT Client

If you are looking for that extra push to reach your personal goal; then don't go anywhere else. Not only is Alex very professional in his approach, he also has a great balance of empathy and encouragement! Highly recommend this young man.

Nick Carter, PT Client

Alex has been awesome, excellent instruction and support! Friendly and relaxed he has tested me and has been really flexible maintaining my focus on achieving my training goals - thank you.

Mikey Warren, PT Client

I have been seeing Alex for a few months now, Every session is different and with his guidance I have increased my fitness massively. He is able to make the work outs enjoyable aswell as effective and also squeezes every effort out of you when you think you have no more to give. I cannot recommend the guy highly enough. Very motivated for success. Also a very nice and friendly guy.

Marc Ashley, PT Client

Been seeing Alex for PT for a year now. Plans, variety of work outs, drive and results have all been first class. I'm at my lowest weight for years, I have built core strength & I enjoy the workouts, highly recommended.

Lydia Summers, PT Client

Alex is such a great guy - super talented at all things fitness and is passionate about personal training. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to achieve any fitness goals. I ordered one of his T-Shirts recently too and was so pleased - fits really well and is made of a good material to work out in!

Mike Cooper, PT Client

I used flame fitness all last year in preparation for my wedding and I lost over 3 stone. Alex was great and encouraged me all the way through it and I feel better than ever. I would 100 percent recommend flame fitness!

Leanne Firth, PT Client

Alex is a brilliant PT. I have been working with him for the past 3 months and I don’t know how but he has improved my strength massively. He is always so upbeat and reassuring, he always puts me in the right frame of mind every time. I walk away from every session feeling really good.

Watch out if he gets the ropes out, before you know it you will be doing a 100 straight, absolute burner!

Tara Guthrie, PT Client

Alex is an amazing PT. He works you hard but you definitely see results! Alex really listens to what you want to achieve and makes it achievable. I wouldn’t hesitate signing up with Alex weekly for ever if I could, as he keeps you on track. The sessions pass fast as he gets you in the zone that you can do it which results in you being purely focussed on what you are doing. Thank you Alex you are a top notch PT!

Reuben Caven, PT Colleage

Alex is a top class trainer. He has so much knowledge to provide and plans out great sessions.